Safe shopping with PFM solutions

The coronavirus has impacted our daily lives. As we are all fighting against the spread of the virus, we are also inclined to follow the rules on social distancing. In this new social distancing society, normal visitor numbers in retail may cause abnormal situations. It may become too crowded to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors. To prevent unsafe situations in which the visitor limit in public spaces is breached, PFM Real-Time and Heatmaps solutions can help with occupancy management. An active door policy is imminent and people counting is the first step.

Counting systems

There are a number of ways to count people. First of all, counting can be done manually such as with a hand counter or an app at the door. Another way to count is to put a maximum number of carts or baskets at the entrance. When they are all gone, no more customers can go in until someone goes out first. However, managing incoming and outgoing visitors can also be done fully automatic. Not only are you ensuring the safety of your staff and customers, you will also be able to deploy staff more efficiently. Another advantage of automatically counting people is that it can be done real-time. This way, you will be notified when the safety limit is approaching.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights show you the exact amount of visitors present at your location at any time of the day. To gain these real-time insights at your location you need:

  • A new generation of stereo motion sensor
  • A working internet connection
  • A screen to view the results

Heat-maps of your location

Being transparent with your customers and sharing an overview of visitor numbers on week / day / hour basis (heatmaps of your location) has a big advantage. Your customers are able to see how busy it is at any given point in time and can plan their visit accordingly. If they go shopping when it is less busy, the spread of people is more balanced and busy peaks can be distributed better, ensuring safety and a better shopping experience.

Real-time dashboard

Footfall data and insights are all collected and presented in a clear, custom-made dashboard. You will see real-time data as well as total occupancy and zone occupancy. Whenever maximum occupancy is likely to be reached, you will be alarmed so that you can take immediate action. You will be able to look at safety from a broader perspective with these deeper insights as to ensure the safety of staff, show owners and shoppers.

Be prepared

If you own a shop or a shopping centre, make sure that you are prepared to adhere to the social distancing rules. Ensure a safe shopping environment by actively measuring, controlling and monitoring visitor flows.

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